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Colligso WalletIn on Clover

Add customers in Clover. Send branded mobile wallet passes using WalletIn. Engage.

How does it work?


As customer data is added on Clover point of sale, this integration sends text (SMS) message to the customer with instructions to download a personalized pass with your brand in mobile wallet (Apple Pay/ Google Pay). Grow business by engaging with the customer using WalletIn's pass campaigns and geofecned targeting. Easy setup. No coding required.

Customer Experience

Integrate to get customer opt-in

Clover Customer
Add Customer

Before completing an order (in person or over phone), ask the customer if s/he would like to get announcements, messages and offers. If customer agrees, enter data in Clover's Customers app.

Clover Receipt
Or prompt to Follow business using Receipt

Ask the customer to enter mobile# at checkout. Your staff can also enter the number with customer consent (in person or over phone). Inform the customer about the text message s/he would receive with download instructions.

Clover Trigger
Customer downloads pass (opts-in)

Customer receives a text (SMS) message with instructions to download pass. S/he saves the pass in Apple Pay/ Google Pay.

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