Our Mission
We know that Main Street businesses have their hands full in running their own businesses. They prefer automation and outside expertise when it comes to marketing. We also know that consumers are always connected with smart devices but are reaching a state of app-fatigue.

Our mission is to provide an easy to use remarketing platform to local merchants so that they can automatically build and own digital customer relationships and engage with their customers with permission on the right channel and at the right moments to increase profit.
About Us
Colligso is a San Francisco Bay Area based startup. Our team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs who have bootstrapped businesses in the past. Our team members were previously involved in developing mobile commerce platforms, as well as popular enterprise software products powering eCommerce, financials, logistics and healthcare industries around the world.
We anticipate that Colligso has to run in an automated fashion with minimal interventions from merchants. Colligso is built using scalable and reliable big data technologies for data stream processing and storage.
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