Oracle GloriaFood
Oracle GloriaFood
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Oracle GloriaFood Colligso TextIn integration

Get orders from Oracle GloriaFood Ordering System. Engage with customers over SMS using TextIn to grow business.

How does it work?

Oracle GloriaFood Order

As customer information is captured at checkout on Oracle GloriaFood Ordering System, this integration pushes it securely to your Colligso account so you can grow business using text (SMS/MMS) messaging.

Customer Experience

Get customer opt-in

Customer completes order
Customer orders

Customer completes an order by selecting items from menu and providing name, phone number and payment information.

Customer follows
Customer follows (opts in)

Once the order is fulfilled, the customer would receive a text message to follow your business. As s/he responds with Y/YES, the opt-in is complete.

Merchant Experience

Reach customers

Complete order
Send order notification

Fulfill the order. The customer would receive a text (SMS) message that the order is ready.

Text Campaign

Guest WiFi Customer
Campaign Dashboard

Check how your campaign is performing using the Colligso Dashboard.