Increase customer visits
using direct digital relationship.
connected customer
Customer journey
Customers discover your business by various means including web search, social media, apps, print media or word of mouth. They visit your website, check what you offer, read reviews, lookup your location, call/ order/ reserve, or just walk-in. They experience the visit, pay for merchandise/ service, and leave.

Do you digitally CONNECT with customers when they visit?

Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profit by 25%-95%.
customer retention
retain customers
Thanks to smart devices, customers have many options at their fingertips. You can not just rest on your laurels of acquiring customers and providing the best customer experience. You want to increase lifetime value of each customer by making them a repeat customer. Not only that, you also want to take their help in attracting new customers. Engage with them.

To engage with customers, you need a DIRECT digital relationships. Do you have it?

connected customer
Mature (profitable) businesses should have Customer Lifetime Value / Customer Acquisition Cost ratio of 2 and above.
customer retention 5x more
Connect, Engage, Grow
customer spend more

A repeat customer spends 67% more than a new customer.
On average, 75-80%+ users provide valid contact on SpotIn's Captive Portal.
Businesses see on average 300%+ return on spend using text campaigns with TextIn.
Businesses see 200%+ return on spend with Google Ads with Colligso-built audience.
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