Grow your business by engaging with customers directly using your branded passes in customer's Apple Pay or Google Pay mobile wallet. Available on every Android and iOS device where Google Pay and Apple Wallet are available.


Be in their mobile wallet

Secure a coveted presence in modern consumer's digital wallet. Available on all smart devices with Apple Pay & Google Pay.

Standout from the crowd

Standout with geo-fenced targeting. Run Pass campaigns to engage with customers. Drive foot traffic.

Unlimited Landing Pages

Hassle-free use for both customers and you. Supports multiple identification/redemption methods and code types. No plastic.

About WalletIn

Colligso enables businesses to grow profitably by providing an easy to use and integrated platform to create and cultivate digital customer relationships. WalletIn helps businesses to engage directly with customers using branded passes in Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets.


  1. Integrate WalletIn with popular apps and platforms capturing customer contacts. No coding required.
  2. Publish the assigned SMS number on receipts, emails, social media or website with instructions to download a pass.
  3. Use WalletIn's trigger-based and schedule-based campaigns to send instructions to the contacts to download passes.


  1. Create unlimited announcements/promotions using Apple Pay and Google Pay campaigns.
  2. Setup one-time/recurring schedule to updated passes and notify customers. They scan code, show code to enter in pos or click REDEEM.
  3. Brick and mortar businesses also benefit from geofenced targeting to standout from competition.


  1. Check engagement activities on Dashboard 24/7.
  2. Measure campaign effectiveness with various metrics.
  3. Get weekly activity report by email.
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No plans exist for selected country.
Standard Standard Annual
  • US$0
  • 30 Monthly Pass Limit
  •   US$ 1 Additional Pass
  • Unlimited Pass Campaigns
  • Geo-fenced Targeting
  • Unlimited Landing Page Campaigns
  • Marketing Service
Let's Talk
  • Let's Pilot
  • Negotiable Monthly Pass Limit
  • Negotiable Additional Pass
  • Unlimited Pass Campaigns
  • Geo-fenced Targeting
  • Unlimited Landing Page Campaigns
  • Marketing Service
Included Add-on (Contact Us for pricing) Excluded/Not Applicable
All plans include access to Dashboard, Weekly Activity Report by email, Helpdesk and Email support.
*** Service charge US$ 15/hr. Team Colligso can help you create pass templates/messages and schedule campaigns for you at additional service charge.