Grow your business by engaging with customers using highly effective and automated calendar-driven email campaigns and landing pages.


Easy to Integrate

Integrate MailIn with SpotIn or your cloud apps having customer contacts and import the contacts seamlessly in near real time.

Automated Engagement

Engage with customers using email campaigns driven by schedules according to holidays.

Unlimited Site Landing Pages

Novel calendar-driven campaigns get high open rates. Drive traffic and boost sales using site landing page with a simple call to action.

About MailIn

Colligso enables businesses to grow profits by helping them to multiply customer visits using direct digital relationships. MailIn helps businesses to engage directly with the customers using email. Busy small/medium businesses benefit from automated and effective calendar-driven email marketing.


  1. Integrate MailIn with popular apps and platforms capturing customer contacts. No coding required.
  2. Collect customer contacts using SpotIn, use MailIn to engage with them using calendar-driven campaigns.
  3. MailIn populates pre-defined customer segments based how they engage with emails so you can target them differently using different campaigns.


  1. Automate email campaigns with once-only, recurring or using novel calendar-driven schedules.
  2. Create beautiful and responsive email templates to use in email campaigns. Include links in your emails for effective calls to action.
  3. Create landing page campaigns with simple call to action for announcements, deals and promotions. Drive traffic to landing pages from emails.


  1. Check engagement activities on Dashboard 24/7.
  2. Measure campaign effectiveness with various metrics.
  3. Get weekly activity report by email.
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Holiday Holiday Annual
  • $US0
  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Monthly Email Limit 12,000
  •   Email Verification
  •   Import/Export Contacts
  • Email Template Editor
  • Email Template Library
  • Unlimited Email Campaigns
  • Unlimited Landing Page Campaigns
  • Holiday Calendar
  • US$ 25/campaign Marketing Service
Multi-location (10+)
Let's Talk
  • Let's Talk
  • 14 Days FREE Trial
  • Monthly Email Limit Negotiable
  •   Email Verification
  •   Import/Export Contacts
  • Email Template Editor
  • Email Template Library
  • Email Campaigns
  • Landing Page Campaigns
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Negotiable Marketing Service
Included Add-on Excluded/Not Applicable
All plans include email verification, access to Dashboard, Weekly Activity Report by email, Helpdesk and Email support.
* Additional emails at US$ 0.01/email. Limited to total 100 emails during the trial.
† Verifies each email address by looking up MX-Record and contacts mail server assigned to email address using SMTP.
✎ Team Colligso can help you create email templates and campaigns.